PLC - Patrol Leaders' Council

 Tuesday  6:pm to 7pm

PLC meeting

PLC meets normal once a month on the 3rd Tuesday at 6 PM
or as list on the Activity Schedule for Troop 373.

This meeting is for the Troop Youth Leadership:

SPL =  Senior Patrol Leader
ASPL = Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

PL = Patrol Leader one from each Patrol
       (If the Patrol Leader can not attend he should ask his Assistant Patrol Leader to attend.)
TG = Troop Guides, come to help the new Patrols work with the Troop and help the Scouts advance trough Troop activities.

Troop Scribe (is on the PLC but does not vote, records minutes)
 Webmaster helps in communication. (is on the PLC but does not vote, records activities)

Adult Leadership (Gives coaching, direction and training that empowers the youth leaders with the skills they will need to lead the Troop. )
Assistant Scoutmaster
Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster.
The PLC plans:
    Monthly Troop Troop activities, Theme, Service, COH and Program Patrols, games.
    Helps Plan upcoming Camp outs, hikes, service projects and other events (Scout Expo...)
    PL give short reports on their patrols.

Once a year is the Annual troop program planning meeting.
The patrol leaders' council plans the yearly troop program at the annual troop program planning conference.  Watch for the date and time, held in August or early Sept.

Ext. Links and more leadership info:

Troop PLC Youth Leadership:

SPL = Senior Patrol Leader
ASPL = Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Troop Scribe
Troop Guide

Other Youth Leaders not at the PLC:
Instructors - May be assigned training tasks or report on previous training
Quartermaster - May report on condition and availability of equipment and needs
Historian The Historian preserves troop/team photographs, news stories, trophies, flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other memorabilia.
Chaplain Aide  Opens and Closes meeting in prayer and works with the unit chaplain to meet the religious needs of Scouts.
                         He also works to promote the religious      emblems program.
Den Chief The position of Den Chief serves at the request of the Cubmaster and Den Leader work in Cub Scout Pack. Can earn the Den Chief Service Award

(Librarian - May report on condition and availability of the troop library and needs)

SPL and ASPL are Appointed.  SPL runs the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC).
Patrol Leader - Elected by his patrol, the PL represents his patrol PLC meetings and the annual planning conference. Reports PLC decisions to his patrol.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Serves as a member of the patrol leaders' council and fills in for the SPL as needed. Helps as needed.
Scribe - Attends and keeps a log of patrol leaders’ council meetings. The scribe is a non-voting member of the PLC; however in the practices of some troops, scribes have been granted voting privileges. Keeps attendance records.

Adult Leadership:

Assistant Scoutmaster
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

The PLC is guided by the Scoutmaster and has direct support by key Troop Committee members:

Troop Advancement Chair ensures that the unit has at least monthly boards of review and quarterly courts of honor.
Troop Equipment Coordinator - work with the Quartermaster with unit equipment.
Troop Outdoor/Activities Chair - secures tour permits and permissions and serves as transportation coordinator.
Troop Committee Chairman
Troop Committee
Troop Merit Badge Counselors

Once a year is a   Annual PLC meeting