Pack 373 Photo Gallery 

Pinewood Derby Race April 2003

Blue and Gold  2003

Sail Boat Racing  Feb. 2003

Den 8 Tigers 2003

Den 8 Tigers and Den 6 Bears at SM Fire Station  Nov. 2002

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium  Aug. 2002

Den One and Five Webelos Day Camp July 2002

May 2002  Year End Rank Promotion

May 2002 Pack Outing San Gabriel River

SMCC  Rummage Service Project 2002

April 2002 PineWood Derby

April 2002 Den One  Webelos Day Camp at Santa Fe Dam Camporee

April 2002  Pack Outing  to Travel Town

March  2002  Scouting Around the World

SMCC  Rummage clean up Pack 373 Service Project

Feb. 2002   Blue and Gold

Jan. 2002  Pack Meeting  Webelos Geologist - Rocks and more

Den 6 Wolf Feb. 2002  Making Bird Rock Book Ends

Den 7  Feb. 2002 Den Meeting Mini Golf Tiger

Den 6 Wolf Flying Golf

Feb. 2002  Pack Outing  Gene Autry Museum of  Western Heritage

Jan. 2002  Pack meeting Home Town Heroes

Den One receives the "God and Me Award"  11-2001
Part of the Cub Scouts Religious rewards program

Nov. 3, 2001 Tree Planting

Pack Meeting Oct. 30, 2001 Down on the Farm and AOL

Fluffy the Burrowing Owl released at a Oct. 2001 Den Meeting

CAMP CHERRY VALLEY, located on Santa Catalina Island.
Cub Scout Resident Camp  August  2001  Adventure Inland

Scout Expo June 1, 2001

Den 5 2001-2002

May Year End 2001

Pine Wood  Derby    April 2001

March 3, 2001   Tiger Cub Safari  Camp Trask

Pack  Outing  Miniature Golf -- 9 holes

Den One Bears 2000-2001 Electives

Blue and Gold Feb. 2001

Scout Sunday SMCC Feb. 4,  2001

Den Five Wolf 2000-2001Den Two and Three 2000-2001

Den One Bears 2000-2001Tigers 2000-2001

SM Fire Station Den 6 and 2

Nov. 28, 2000 Pack meeting - Turn on the Power

Popcorn Salesman 11-28-00

Oct. 14, 2000   Tiger Cub Safari  Camp Trask

Castaway Cove CCV Aug. 2000 page One
Castaway Cove CCV Aug. 2000 page Two

Trask Day Camp - July 2000

4th of July 2000  Sierra Marde Parade Flag Team

June 3, 2000    Scout Expo

March 2000 Pack Meeting Arrow Point and Belt Loop Awards

Blue and Gold    Feb. 2000

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