Boy Scout Resident Camp

Troop's 373 Summer Camp
 Circle X at Big Horn  

(at Hubert Eaton Resident Camp)   -  Near Lake Arrowhead

June 23 - 29 ,  2019

Cost $440 per Scout 

We are meeting at Bailey Canyon in Sierra Madre at noon, Sunday June 23. (eat lunch before you come)
We need drivers and stand by drivers to and from Camp.

Scouts will be back at Church at about noon, Sat. June 29

Leader - Scout Guide, 2019 NEW


Only added cost will be for Camp T-Shirt.  (about $20)

Includes: meals, patch, platform tents, hot showers and more.  Partial Camperships are available.
 The only added cost could be for some merit badges, see below. Parents may attend for the week or may come visit for a day or overnight, with meals for a fee.

More info will be given before trip. Call or email if you have questions: Troop camp coordinator is David Sargent 6 2 6 - 5 3 3-7 5 2 3. Troop 373 Camp Leader is Martin Deveau. We are also looking for adults to be back up to attend the camp, contact David Sargent if you have interested in attending.

Boy Scouts have the opportunity to enjoy a sleep - away camp with a great Staff of experts who plan activities for advancement and fun specifically for them.
Includes great campfire programs, camp game events and more.

Circle X at Big Horn web site

Plan ahead:

A new BSA medical Form must be completed to attend camp. The new BSA Medical form  Part A and B are completed by the Parent, part C must be completed by your Scout's Doctor.  Include a Copy of your Medical Insurance Card (front and back).
A Scout cannot attend camp with out this completed form A,B and C !

Pre Camp  Date Set
A Pre Camp meeting to talk about the camp will be Tuesday June 18, 2019, 7:30pm to 8:30pm  normal spot.  Please turn in your Medical forms at the pre meeting. Deadline of Merit badges picks is now.

Below are the 2019 Merit Badge offered at camp.  My recommendation is at least one Eagle Merit Badge be picked along with two others.  Please send me your picks for my OK before buying a Merit badge book.

Or take the  ACE   for Scout 14 AND OLDER   (no Merit Badges) High Adventure Backpacking.  Ace Program is for Scout 14 years old or older (no age limit over 18 ok).
In the Advance Camper Experience no Merit Badge work is done. .


We will need parents to volunteer to drive either on Sunday, 7/10 or on Saturday, 7/16.
** A phone chain of the scout's parents will be setup to notify parents 15 to 30 minutes before the boys arrive back on Saturday around Noon


(1) SPENDING MONEY. Spending money should be in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it. We recommend that the funds be in $5 or $10 bills so it can be gradually handed out during the week. The scout is responsible for all monies once it is turned over to him; he may not return it to the parent in charge. Generally, the scout takes about $70 to camp. The camp has a small store to buy snacks and supplies for the handicraft merit badges.
(2) MEDICATIONS. Please put all medications in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it; make sure to include clear dosing instructions for all medications. One of the parents attending camp will be responsible for all medications.
(3) FORMS. The following forms must be turned in to Loanne Cheung:
     - Circle X Permission Forms 
     - 2 Copies of Annual Health & Medical Record 
     - Copy of Medical Insurance Card 
> > > IMPORTANT < < < Scouts will not be allowed to go to camp unless they have turned in all of the above forms by July 4,!


There is lots of free time for  swimming, shooting and climbing. ( Shotgun shooting Tickets can be purchased in the Trading Post. )

Please send your picks for OK before buying a Merit badge book.
If your scout does not have the FIRST AID Merit Badge it mandatory that this be one of his 4 Merit Badges Periods.

Merit Badges
2019 Posted
See web site for details.

See this Link for Offical MB List

Any Partial Merit Badges earned can be completed later with Mr. Sargent

Classes are Monday afternoon, and on the Morning of Tuesday Thursday and Friday.

Merit badges with * have prerequisites (parts must be done before or after camp).
$$ must pay for MB craft - shots.
For MB details see:

Px = Period offered

* Auto Maint./Farm Mech.   (Medium)  P4   Pre (FM: 5 Visit an implement dealer. Interview the dealer, technician, or service manager for hints on good preventive maintenance. Ask why it is important, the costs, and what causes wear or damage. Report what you learn. )

ARCHERY    P12 -  P34  Cost $6     (Hard (MB can only be done at camp) Scouts 13 and older .  Extremely difficult to qualify.   (Double period session 1&2 or 3&4)- 

Art  and Sculpture (easy) P1 P2 P3 P4 *         Pre Sculp:2c        (good free time MB, also) Complete 2 MBs in one class.  With your parent's permission and your counselor's approval, visit a museum, art exhibit, art gallery, artists' co-op, or artist's studio. After your visit, share with your counselor what you have learned. Discuss the importance of visual arts and how it strengthens social tolerance and helps stimulate cultural, intellectual, and personal development.

ASTRONOMY  P2 P3 P4       (Medium)  Must attend Astronomy Evening Tues. 

* Bird Study P4 (Easy)

* Chess  and Game Design   P3   (Medium )   (2 MBs done, not a or)

CLIMBING     (14 & OLDER) ~ (hard to easy, must be able to climb wall and repeal down)   (Double period session 1&2 or 3&4)- 

* Composite Materials    (easy) P2 P4 

* Cooking      (Medium)    Eagle MB, Must be 1st Class Scout

* Electricity P4      (Medium)  Pre 2, 9a     2   Complete an electrical home safety inspection of your home, using the checklist found in this pamphlet or one approved by your counselor. Discuss what you find with your counselor.  9a Read an electric meter and, using your family's electric bill, determine the energy cost from the meter readings.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS  P1 P2 P3 P4   Eagle (easy)  [Must  have 1st aid MB 1st or at the same time] * (do Pre 1. 2b-c, 6c and 8b before or after camp) 

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE P1 P2 P3 P4 ~   Eagle MB (Medium, must write reports) [counts towards "Panda" badge] 

FIRST AID    P1 P2 P3 P4      Eagle MB (easy) A must for 1st Year Scouts or if you do not have it. Must bring materials to make a first aid kit to camp  * Pre  5

• Fish  and Wildlife Management P1  (Medium)  

Forestry    P1   (Easy) 

* Geology       P 2   (Easy)

*   Geocaching  P1   Pre 8 

HORSEMANSHIP   P12 or P34   $75  (Double period session - counts as Two MBs, & 14 AND OLDER or must be able to saddle up a horse by self) 

* Insect Study   P 3  (Easy)  Pre 9  Raise an insect through the complete metamorphosis from its larval stage to its adult stage (e.g. raise a butterfly or moth from a caterpillar). *

LEATHER WORK $   P1  P4  (easy) Good Free Time MB. Must buy crafts at camp. ~$20  (good free time MB, also)

LIFESAVING   P1 P2 P3 P4      Eagle MB (must be good swimmer, Must be 1st Class,  have 1st aid MB)   

PIONEERING  P2 P4     (Medium, knots and lashing, medium to easy, must know knot before class) [may use some free time to build project]  Cost $12

• Movie Making  P1234  (easy) MUST BRING A DIGITAL CAMERA TO CAMP.  

* Nature (Easy)    P2  P3

Pottery    (easy)   P2  P3 

Radio   P3     (Medium) 

* Robotics      (hard) P1 P2 

RIFLE SHOOTING   (22 cal.)  (hard  for young scouts ) ( MB can only be done at camp) Scouts 13 and older.  Extremely difficult to qualify.  limited class size.  Cost $15 (Double period session 1&2 or 3&4)

Salesmanship  and Public Speaking   P1234   (Medium)      (Pre Salesmanship # 5 Sell Popcorn or Pancakes Breakfast Tickets)

Search and Rescue     P1 P2     (Medium) 

SHOTGUN SHOOTING  $ ~ (14 & OLDER) (hard for some, heavy 12 gauge used) (MB can only be done at camp)  ABOUT Cost $30  (Double period session 1&2 or 3&4)  (Must buy amo tickets $1 for 1 shot. )

* Sign, Signals and Codes  P1 P3     (Medium,)

•  Space Exploration  P1  (easy to Medi um ) 

SWIMMING      P1234   Eagle MB     (Medium, Must have 1st aid MB or take at the same time)

WILDERNESS SURVIVAL  P2 P 3 P4  (Medium, good to have 1st aid MB 1st) Camp out one night in woods with group. * Personal survival kit #5 must be brought to camp. 

  Weather    P4    (Medium)  Pre 9 

WOOD CARVING  $  P1 P4   (Medium) Must have Totin Chip. Purchase supplies from Trading Post.  ~$15 (good free time MB, also)

*Trail to 1st Class     (not a merit badge, work on advancement)
          Tenderfoot P1 P4
           2nd Class P2
           1st Class  P3

#   BSA Life Guard - Activity/Not a Merit Badge    15 or older   Use all 3 MB time and  Free time. - BSA Life Guard Training. 


Free Time only Merit Badges (No advance sing up)   See leaders Guide.

  Citizenship in the Community   Free Time Only  start Tuesday in Dinner Hall * pre 3a-b, 4a-c, 7a-c,   (Eagle)     (Medium)  
* Family Life  Free Time Only  start Friday  in Dinner Hall * pre  6a-b      (Eagle)     (Medium)  

*  Personal Fitness    Free Time Only  start Thursday  in Dinner Hall * pre  1, 7, 8    (Eagle)     (Medium)  

Handycraft open in free time.   Most Merit Badges will take the full week to earn the badge, with the exception of some Handicraft Badges.  Upon the completion of those Handicraft badges, Scouts will be able to start another Handicraft Merit badge.
Some Nature and Outdoor Skills are offered at Free Time.

 Merit Badges at camp operate on a period system. Four periods occur in a day. Scouts will follow the same schedule all day Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday.
Most Merit Badges last one period  while some badges last two periods long: Double period session.
B.S.A Lifeguard last all 4 periods. and some free time
Scouts are encouraged to make a schedule that fills all 4  periods with Merit Badges or activities.
During Free Time the Scout is free to use this time to complete Merit Badge work he may have missed, or he can participate in different camp activities. Merit Badge counselors will be available to assist Scouts during Free Time.

Activities that take place during Free Time include free swim, free shoot, and free climbing.  Since some Scouts enjoy making their own program during this time, some suggested activities are: hiking, exploration, conservation projects, field sports, or just “getting to know nature.”

 It is the Scout's responsibility to make up any missed work due to other camp activities. If you have any problems, please contact the Program Director immediately.

 If you have any questions regarding Merit Badges please talk to that counselor or see the Area Director over that badge. They are flexible and willing to help. If you have any further difficulties, please see the Program Director.

Rifle for fun during Free time!
There will be no free shooting.
Shotgun Tickets can be purchased in the Trading Post. 

BSA Life Guard - Activity/Not a Merit Badge    15 or older   Use all 3 MB time and  Free time.

Kayaking - Activity/Not a Merit Badge

Trail to First Class Program to work on a rank requirements.

Mile Swim Must pass the Swimmer Test.  Must attend Mile Swim practices held on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Mile Swim will begin at 7:00p.m. on Wednesday.  Available to adult participants.

Climbing Wall: Climbing merit badge will be offered this summer at our newly renovated wall.  Three
merit badge sessions will be offered in the morning.  Free climb will be offered in the afternoon.  Scouts
taking Climbing Merit Badge will need to attend some free climbs outside of the class.

COPE Program
Camp Big Horn is home to an eleven element Challenging Outdoor Physical Encounter Course (COPE)
that will teach teamwork and challenge each Scout in new ways. The COPE course is open to any Scout
13 years and older or adult who wants to use it during the open time. More information will be provided to
Scoutmasters who wish to schedule time for their troop to use the COPE course once at camp.

Forest Lawn / Circle X Ranch Guide
Greater Los Angeles Area Council
Camp Big Horn is home to natural rock walls and a top notch man made climbing wall. Begin preparing for
a day of rock climbing on a real rock wall by practicing knots, climbing procedures and safety. Scouts who
wish to earn the Climbing merit badge will need to sign up for the badge and one other badge during 3
period because this is a two hour merit badge each day. Scouts who sign
up for this badge will be expected
to spend a portion of their open time at the climbing wall during the week working on some of the badge
requirements. The climbing wall is open to any Scout 13 years and older or adult who wants to use it during
the open time.
Climbing and Rappelling Program
During each summer camp session we offer a program geared toward the camper (14 years and older). The
Advanced Camper Experience (ACE) Program gives older Scouts an opportunity to meet others their own
age, go on high adventure activities, and experience activities they may have never done before. These
Scouts will stay in their Troop campsites, eat, and participate in some Troop program activities and all
camp wide activities. The ACE Program can/will take the place of merit badge classes. Those campers who
participate in every ACE activity will receive a special recognition at the end of the camping week. Howev-
er for those Scouts that want to work on merit badges at camp can do so in the morning and participate in
the ACE activities in the afternoon.

Fishing Program
Firebird Lake is home to some nice Rainbow Trout that are fun to catch. Camp Big Horn encourages all
campers to practice the catch and release method of fishing. Camp Big Horn does not have facilities to
clean and prepare fish for eating and San Bernardino County prohibits us from cooking game fish in our
kitchen. Anyone wishing to fish can do so. We are able to issue poles and tackle on a limited basis. In
order to have a successful fishing adventure at camp, it is advised that you bring your own equipment. We
also require that you use barbless hooks for easy release of the fish that you catch. Artificial tackle will be
sold in the trading post





Personal equipment list:
1.  Gear Bags – military type duffel bag or backpack (also, large trash bags to put bedding and dry clothes in during the day
in case of rain)
2.  Sleeping bag
3.  Substantial Jackets (coat) (mornings and evenings can get chilly)
4.  Class A Scout uniform * we encourage wearing it while traveling. Class B for camp, any BSA T-shirt. (no MB sash needed)
5.  Swim trunks and towel
6.  Shower towel
7.  Toilet kit: toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, chap stick, personal medication, deodorant, etc.
8.  Flashlight
9.  Several changes of clothes - long pants, shorts, and shirts (This is especially vital as storms are common)
10.  Underwear - Sleeping clothes
11.  Socks
12.  Hat
13.  Scout Handbook (if not 1st Class yet)
14.  Sun screen
15.  Watch
16.  Canteens, drinking bottles, or hydration pack.  Each boy should have the capacity to carry at least 2 liters.
17.  COMPLETED MEDICAL FORM a b and c turned in advance
18.  Small personal first aid kit
19.  Day pack - must be large enough to carry a small lunch and water for the hike
20.  Hiking shoes
21.  Rain jacket or poncho (Again, this is especially vital as storms are common)
22.  Water Shoes or sandals
23.  Gloves and beanie, if desired (mornings and evenings can get chilly)
24.  Money for the General Store, and some MB that cost, see MBs
25.  Scout must have pen, pencil and notebook to do merit badge work
26  Merit badge Books and work sheets
( 27 OA Sash, optional )

Troop equipment list:
1.  American Flag
2.  Patrol Flag or Troop Flag
3.  Battery  lantern

Arrival at camp is advised to be as close to 1:00p.m. as possible on Sunday, unless other arrangements have been made prior to arrival.
Units are asked to depart no later than 10:00a.m.on Saturday.

MEDICATIONS. Please put all medications in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it; make sure to include clear dosing instructions for all medications. One of the parents attending camp will be responsible for all medications. 

Mail Service
Scouts may receive mail at Camp Big Horn from friends and family. Please encourage them to mail these
things well in advance of your time at camp to ensure their arrival during your scheduled week. 
Camp Big Horn USPS Mailing Address

Scouts’ Name
Unit Number & Week Number
Camp Big Horn / Forest Lawn Scout Reservation
P.O. Box 8
Cedar Glen, CA 92321

UPS or FedEx for packages to:
Scout Name
Unit Number & Week Number
Camp Big Horn / Forest Lawn Scout Reservation
29485 Hook Creek Road
Cedar Glen, CA 92321  


Elevation is 5,300 ft       34.2511°N 117.1270°W   east of Lake Arrowhead, California

Driving map to camp pdf file

It is 4 miles to Lake Arrowhead, Link gmap

Circle X at Big Horn
29485 Hook Creek Road
Cedar Glen, Ca 92321
Camp Office: 909-337-2121 Emergency only
Camp Fax: 909-336-6271

Guest Meals
At times a parent or visitor may decide to stay in camp a little longer – or at times
when a leadership change over takes place during the week – an extra meal may be
involved.  Guest meals are available and need to be purchased in advance at either of the Camp Trading
Posts, or at the Camp Administration Building ($10.00.)

[You can get more free time my doing MB work at home before coming to camp]

It is good to study and work on the MB work book BEFORE camp. Book and sheet will be for sale at camp for those that change or add classes at camp.

In order to use the range, leaders must have signed permission slips from the parents of the scouts (see Permission Form.)
Adult Leadership plays a pivotal role in determining the success in the development of our resource, the youth we serve.  Forest Lawn Scout Reservation allows one adult for every ten youth
brought to camp to attend free. 

Free Time” is a specified period of time that takes place from 2pm-5:00 Monday through Thursday after
all Merit Badges sessions.  During Free Time the Scout is free to use this time to complete Merit Badge
work he may have missed, or he can participate in different camp activities.  Merit Badge counselors will
be available to assist Scouts during Free Time.  Activities that take place during Free Time include free
swimming, free shoot, and free climbing.  During this time Scouts can also stop by the open Merit Badge
sessions of Handicraft, go to Outdoor Skills to earn their Totin’ Chip, or walk to Trail to First
Class Program to work on a rank requirements.  Since some Scouts enjoy making their own program
during this time, some suggested activities are: hiking, exploration, conservation projects, field sports, or
just “getting to know nature.With Buddy system.

Trail to First Class
The Pathfinder Area is designed to acquaint our first year campers with life at Circle X Ranch and Camp Pollock and is an all day class.  Instruction is based on the requirements needed for the achieve Tenderfoot, @rd class and First Class Rank, as well as basic Scouting skills.  The program will be tailored to individual readiness level of the participants in the program.  Some groups may move faster through a a part others, so there will be some tailoring in the program.

Scouts will be given the opportunity to work on Swimming Merit Badge (or Instructional Swim
depending on the skill level,) First Aid Merit Badge as well as other requirements that apply towards their
Trail to First Class.   A few of these skills include compass use; basic knots; Totin’ Chip; Firem ‘n Chit;
The Outdoor Code; and the identification of poisonous plants and reptiles.  Scouts in the Pathfinder
program are also urged to work on Handicraft Merit Badges during free time.

The Patrol Method will be used and taught in this area to better help the first year camper understand this
basic element of the Scouting program.  This program will encompass all five periods of the day.

Adult help is always welcome for our Pathfinder Area, and is a great way for Scoutmasters to learn the
needs of their younger Scouts.

This is a highly successful program for new scouts.  By participating in the Pathfinder program, campers
can achieve most of the requirements needed to advance up to first class, as well as earning up to 3 or 4
merit badges.  PATHFINDER IS AN ALL DAY PROGRAM.  Scouts must participate in the program
from first through fifth periods.

If a Scout has been in the troop for over a few months, and already achieved the Tenderfoot Rank, a
Scoutmaster may feel that his first year camper may do better by participating in the normal merit badge
program.  The youth, under the direction of the unit leader, has that option.

During Free Time any Scout can come to the Pathfinder area to work on a specific requirement needed to
advance to First Class.
  (ADULT $275)